• Today's main dish is meat-lovers pizza.
    See the lunch calendar for future offerings.
  • Be a winner, read a winner!
    Check out our many award-winning books in the library.
  • Cezar's Kitchen wants to hear from you...
    Cezar's Kitchen would like your suggestions. Thanks!
  • Junior Thrift Shop sale 4, May 26.
    Pet bottle drinks 11:30 - 1:30 and candy at 3:30.
  • Looking for families willing to take boarders
    Interested in accepting a HS boarder five days a week?
  • Insights from the Student Support Team
    Insights from Ruth Spalink on the CAJ blog
  • Cinderella audition applications due Monday!
    Turn it in to the academic office.
Upcoming Events
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Our college and career preparatory program provides rigorous academic and co-curricular experiences that prepare students to serve Japan and the world for Jesus Christ. Our alumni are testimony to the extra-ordinary combination of excellent teaching, caring and collaborative community, and unique exposures that CAJ offers.

We hope that as you explore the Christian Academy in Japan web site, you will see many examples of what makes CAJ a special place and will find answers to your questions. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Enjoy your visit to Christian Academy in Japan.

Students go on field trips to learn about Japan's history. One of the destinations is the Edo-Tokyo Outdoor Architectural Museum.

Snow White visited the second grade class in the library.

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