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MS volleyball team loses three times and ties once against ISSH

CAJ's middle school volleyball program had to split its three teams into four on Saturday to play ISSH's A, B, C and D teams on Saturday. The Knights ended up with three losses and one tie.

A Team lost to the Symbas' A Team 2-1 (23-25, 25-21, 7-15), the B Team lost to the Symbas' A Team 2-0 (22-25, 22-25), a combination of B and C Team players tied the ISSH C Team 1-1 (25-14, 25-27) and the C Team lost to the ISSH D Team 2-0 (22-25, 22-25). The tie happened because the two teams agreed beforehand to cap the C and D matches at two sets for time purposes.

Head coach Steve Hall shared his thoughts on the four games:

"For the C and D games, our serving is getting better, but giving more effort to get to the ball is something that we still need to work on. One [important] thing is improving the serving, and the other is playing with a little bit more effort and energy for both the C and D groups.

For the B Team, they did a nice job with serving. And they actually tried to bump, set and spike several times, so I was happy with that. They weren't just bumping the ball back to the other team. They did a better job than the other groups of going for the ball more and not just letting it go.

With the A Team, it was a good, competitive game, kind of like our previous game [against NIS last Saturday]. We tend to make more aggressive kinds of mistakes. As I told the girls, I would much rather us try to bump, set and spike and make a mistake than just bump, bump and bump it back over to the other team. That's the safe way to play. At this level, that wins you a lot of games, but I would rather be aggressive to prepare them for high school and trying to do those things in pressure situations.

Like, in game 3, every point is really precious, but can you still bump, set and spike, or at least attempt it? Whereas I feel the other team did a lot more bump, bump, bump. I'd much rather have aggressive mistakes than just [playing it] safe. So I think they did that well."

The next game for all three volleyball teams is not until October 13, which is home against YIS and St. Maur. However, the B Team will play KIST and TIS at home on October 3 and both the B and A Teams will play BST at home on October 4.

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