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MS soccer falls to BST in both A and B Team games

IMG_0129 (B Team is pictured)
The middle school soccer teams both played at home against BST on Saturday. The A Team lost 5-1, then the B Team lost 4-1.

A Team coach Keesh Kawaguchi had some words to share about his team's performance:

"We have a lot to work on, but I believe we're making progress. Compared to last game, we had a lot more passes and we're building on teamwork.

They're definitely making progress, even though the scores might not reflect it. I believe that there is more chemistry within the team, and we're going to keep working on it."

David scored the A Team's lone goal about 10 minutes into the game.

As for the B Team, coach Charles Smoker was pleased with the game's progression, despite the score. He said the following:

"We were without three of our starters today, so we had to shift positions for a couple people. We had new positions and a new defense, and some kids played a position for the first time. So the first half, we weren't quite connecting with our passes or having good teamwork, and we went down 4-0.

But the second half, we came out much more focused and with more hustle. We ended up winning the second half 1-0. So I was really proud of our team for being willing to be flexible and try new positions, and for hustling. A lot of kids, when they're down 4-0, they just give up. But these kids actually came out with more energy in the second half and really tried their best despite being tired.

So I'm really, really, really proud of their efforts, because we're looking for effort more than wins. I couldn't ask for anything more from our team today. Junu had his first goal, which was exciting because he's really been trying and knocking on the door the last game as well.

We have several more games yet, and we'll have more of our players back for the next few games, so we're looking for hopefully a win next week."

As mentioned, Junu had the only goal for the B Team. It came early in the second half.

The A Team is now 0-2 this season and the B Team is now 1-1-1 (0-1-1 against other B Teams). The A Team will be home against Aoba next Tuesday evening, and both teams will travel to face ASIJ next Saturday.

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