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Field hockey defeats YIS 3-1 to begin season

The field hockey team defeated YIS at YCAC by a score of 3-1 on Saturday morning. Reeko had two goals and Meg (12th grade) had one goal.

Even with many players out to take the SAT, the team still submitted a very strong performance. Assistant coach Rachel Eby pointed out one key strength:

"Our midfield was very strong," Eby said. "We were able to pretty much shut down YIS from going into their offense, so our defense was rather unattended. We racked up a lot of scoring from our midfield players who had a lot of turnarounds for us."

The key point of improvement moving forward, according to Eby, is learning to use the right side of the field with more frequency.

"In field hockey, it's harder to get the ball toward the right side because you can only use one side of the stick," Eby said. "We're good at it, but we all know it's something we need to work on more."

The next game for the field hockey team will be next Monday (12/10) at home against ASIJ.

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