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JV girls' basketball loses 18-16 to Seisen

The JV girls’ basketball team couldn’t quite complete a fourth quarter comeback at Seisen on Thursday night, losing 18-16 on a buzzer-beating jump shot by the Phoenix.

The Knights trailed the Phoenix 16-5 heading into the final quarter, then scored 11 straight points in the final period to tie the game with eight seconds left. Seisen then got the ball down the court and was able to get off a long two-point jump shot that swished through the net right as the buzzer sounded.

“We didn’t value possessions in the first half,” coach Jared Johnson said. “Our offense didn’t have a rhythm and we were panicking on our dribbles and passes. At the end of the game, we started to play more confidently and frustrated them with our defensive traps.”

TaYoung helped lead the Knights’ fourth-quarter run with her tight defensive pressure at the top of their trapping zone defense. She believe the team’s focuses for the tournament should be keeping a more consistent effort throughout the game and making quicker adjustments.

“We need to have a lot of energy no matter what the score is,” TaYoung said. “We should make quick decisions on our offense and make adjustments as the game goes on. If something doesn’t work consecutively, then we should change our offense or defense.”

Nana and Jessica both scored six points for the Knights, while Aasritha had 13 rebounds and Jessica had 10 rebounds. CAJ’s league record ended at 9-6 and the team will enter its tournament on Saturday as the league's fourth seed.
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