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Middle school volleyball teams compete at ASIJ

The middle school volleyball A, B and C Teams competed at ASIJ on Saturday. A Team lost 2-0 (5-25, 11-25), the B Team lost 2-1 (25-22, 16-25, 7-15) and the C Team played a jamboree format against ASIJ's four C Teams that ultimately got them four wins in five games (35-24, 47-42, 38-22, 43-42, 37-53).

Head coach Steve Hall spent most of his team with the A and B Teams, so he had some thoughts to share on their performances:

"The A Team didn't come ready to complete. We really struggled to serve receive," Hall said. "The B Team served well, did a good job of keeping the ball in play and had a few nice attacks. They also struggled with serve receive, though."

Assistant coach Lorne Anderson coached the C Team through its five 25-minute games. The final game was against ASIJ's best players from its C Team, and that was the only one the Knights lost.

"Our serving was strong, and the energy and effort was outstanding," Anderson said. "We even had a couple of good set and spike attacks. All in all, it was good end to a strong season by the C Team."

Saturday was the final day of the season for the B and C Teams. The A Team will play in the A Team Tournament next Saturday at ISSH and NIS.

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