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HS track and field competes at Yokota

CAJ's high school track team competed for the first time this spring in a meet at Yokota on Saturday. The Knights' seniors did not compete because of the class trip to Thailand, but the rest of the team was still able to submit many strong performances.

Megumi's jump of 4.74 meters was the Knights' only mark of the day to earn Far East qualification. It was also her personal best distance in that event.

"For long jump, I was feeling really good today because I did the [4x100 meter relay] right before and I was warmed up well," she said. "I remember getting good height and reaching out more compared to my other jumps."

Coach Craig Eby was satisfied with the team's performances, and is now looking forward to more hard work from the athletes.

"We had a lot of good things happen, and now we know what to work on in practice," Eby commented. "And when we put the seniors in there, I think we're going to be competitive." 

The Knights' next track meet is also at Yokota next Saturday.

Full results from the meet can be found here:https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=327063&show=all
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