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JV volleyball falls 2-1 to ASIJ

The JV volleyball team began with a first-set win against ASIJ on Tuesday, but the Knights couldn't finish off the Mustangs and lost 2-1 (25-22, 10-25, 10-15).

According to Morgan, a lot of the issues were mental.

“This game, we learned a lot as far as how we can move in our positions,” Morgan said. “Everyone moved and talked well. But in the second set, everyone was discouraged because of some points we lost. We needed to get our mindset back to where we believed we could win.”

Coach Haruka Akashi commented on the strength of the team’s spikes, as well, singling out Katie’s performance in the first set.

“We had nice hits today,” Akashi said. “Whether they were in or out, it was nice to see them not hesitating to hit the ball.”

She added that the team does need to learn to move more strategically in its formations and approach the ball better, though.

"We have also discussed as a team how we need to stop drawing an invisible line between the front row hitters and the back row defense," Akashi said. "We easily assume that someone else is going to get the ball instead."

The team's next game is at home against Seisen on Friday evening at 5:30 p.m.

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