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Varsity volleyball earns 3-2 win over Zama

CAJ's varsity volleyball team edged out a 3-2 victory (23-25, 25-10, 25-23, 12-25, 15-12) over Zama on Tuesday night. With the win, the Knights now have a 4-2 record this season and have won all three of their five-set matches.

It was a night of many great and many difficult moments for CAJ as it faced many big, athletic hitters from Zama around the net. For the Knights, the key was putting pressure on the Trojans with well-struck serves.

"We have good servers, so that has been what we've been talking about every time," Coach Tanya Hall said. "It's 'just get your serves in and let them make the mistake for us.'"

Rachel mentioned that one of the team's issues is that it lets one mistake snowball into several more. That was especially evident at the end of the fourth set.

"We force each other to smile," Rachel said. "We tell each other, 'even if you don't feel like it, at least fake smile.' We do that to help keep the energy up and so we get off that negative path."

The Knights did bounce back. Hall appreciated how her team didn't just play it safe in the final set when each point is more precious. Even when the Knights started with an 0-4 deficit in the set, they didn't waver.

"They stayed confident and true to our playing style instead of getting on the defensive," Hall said. She noted that the Knights continued to put together nice bump-set-spike combinations in the fifth set instead of merely hitting the ball to the other side.

One of Hall's main points of improvement for the team moving forward is its ability to receive serves with more accurate passes.

The Knights’ next games will be Saturday at CAJ against YIS and St. Maur.

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