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Tennis teams complete first day of Far East Tournament


The CAJ tennis teams completed the first day of their Far East Tournament in Okinawa on Wednesday. CAJ had several wins in the boys' and girls' singles tournaments, as well as the mixed doubles tournament. Kitt, Kaito and Kaitlyn have all advanced to the quarterfinals in the singles tournaments, and Kento and Kiara are in the quarterfinals of the mixed doubles tournament.

Coach Ushio Sawada mentioned that CAJ is the only team to have both of its boys' singles players advance to the quarterfinals.

He also added, "the coaches are impressed and relieved that not only are the first-timers Kiara, Jenny and Joe adjusting well to the tournament atmosphere, but were also all able to win matches today."

Full results are shown below:

Boys Singles
Kitt wins 8-1 against Riley of Yokota in first round, wins 8-3 against Johnathon of E.J. King in second round
Kaito earns bye in first round, wins 8-1 against Kouto of Zama in second round

Girls Singles
Kaitlyn wins 8-0 against Halle of E.J. King in first round, wins 9-7 against Maddie of Kadena in second round
Hanna loses 8-1 against Allison of YIS-S in first round

Mixed Doubles
Kento and Kiara earn bye in first round, win 8-2 against Stephen and Irene of YIS-S in second round
Joe and Jenny win 9-8 (7-5) against Bodhi and Amary-Gail of Kinnick in first round, lose 9-8 (7-5) against Ryan and Erica of YIS-S in second round

The boys' and girls' doubles portion of the tournament will start on Thursday.

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