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Varsity girls' basketball completes second day of Far East Tournament

The varsity girls' basketball team finished third place at the Far East Division II Tournament in Iwakuni on Tuesday. CAJ began the day with a 39-14 semifinal loss to powerhouse Yokota before defeating Osan 33-30 to secure its final placing.

The first game was very challenging for the Knights. Yokota's defensive pressure forced a lot of turnovers from CAJ, especially in the first half, as the Panthers got out to an 18-0 lead. The Knights calmed down in the second half, but it wasn't nearly enough against a talented and athletic Yokota squad.

Against Osan, CAJ built a 12-point lead in the first half with good offensive execution. 

“They were playing a 3-2 zone defense," Coach Craig Eby said. "When we fed somebody on the inside, all they had to do was pivot and look for somebody cutting. Erika scored on several baseline drives [from that play].”

However, the Cougars came roaring back with three quick three-point baskets in the second half to close the deficit. The Knights didn't fold under the pressure, though.

"We had this peace and stayed really calm and kept encouraging each other," Kachel said." I don't think we were worried at all."

Against Osan, Erika had 15 points, Julia had eight points and 10 rebounds and Reiko had five points and seven rebounds.

CAJ pushed its overall season record to 13-9 with the loss and then the win. The Knights will begin the combined Division I and II tournament tomorrow with a game against ISSH, though the exact start time is still unknown.
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