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Varsity boys' basketball loses 65-30 to ASIJ

On Tuesday, CAJ's varsity boys' basketball team lost 65-30 to ASIJ, the reigning combined Division I and II Far East Champions. The Knights started strong but let the Mustangs pull away in the second and third quarters to put the game out of reach.

The score after the first quarter was actually tied at nine points apiece. CAJ was doing its part to make the game a defensive struggle.

"Our team defense was pretty good in that first quarter," coach Steve Hall said. "We were communicating and helping each other. They were setting a lot of screens, but we were able to get around a lot of them to prevent easy shots."

Hall said that "the first quarter took a lot [of energy] out of our guys." From then on, the Knights were a step slower both in staying with their defensive assignments and helping each other on defense.

On offense, Hall noted that it was clear the Mustangs had played many more games than the Knights this season.

"Our offense doesn't have a lot of rhythm or flow yet," Hall said. "But that comes with repetitions and we haven't had enough game repetitions yet. Once our offense gets a little bit more of a flow, that will make a difference."

Overall, the key players for the Knights statistically were Koji (13 points), Enosh (six points, nine rebounds, four steals and two blocks), Stephen (five points, two rebounds, two assists and two steals) and Kyle (four points, four rebounds and two steals).

CAJ's next game is at Kinnick next Tuesday.

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