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JV girls' basketball beats ISSH 28-10

The JV girls’ basketball team was also able to pick up a win against ISSH. In this game, the Knights didn’t have much trouble as they cruised to a 28-10 win. At halftime, they had built an 18-2 lead thanks to a combination of strong defense and poor shooting by the Symbas.

Raven led the scoring effort with 10 points, while Jessica had six points and seven rebounds, Nana also contributed six rebounds.

“I thought it was an OK game for us,” coach Jared Johnson said. “It’s tough to know whether them scoring only 10 points was more because of our defense or their struggles on offense. But we were able to beat them down the floor for open layups several times, so I was really happy about that.”

Nana stressed that the team can improve its composure and communication on offense.
“We need to work on having more control with our dribbling, because we tend to fumble while taking an open layup,” Nana said. “We also need to anticipate the opponent coming from the back, and other teammates [can help] by calling out to warn the person who’s dribbling.”

The Knights now have a 6-4 overall record, which is also their league record. They will play ASIJ for the first time this season at CAJ this Friday at 5:15 p.m.
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