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Boys' and girls' tennis teams fall 4-1 to YIS

Both the CAJ boys' and girls' varsity teams lost to YIS in Yokohama on Friday evening by a score of 4-1. The winners for the Knights were Kaitlyn at 1st singles and Joe and Eugene at 1st doubles.

Head coach Ushio Sawada was very pleased with the performances of the team's winners in the match.

"Kaitlyn played extremely well today," Sawada said. "She played with confidence. Last match she got really tight, but this match she was loose and it was relevant that she was dominating the game. She did a great job. [Joe and Eugene] also played really well. They played a good game and were able to dominate their opponents."

Sawada expressed a key point of improvement that he noticed across all the matches for the Knights.

"In general, we need to work on finishing off points," he said. "They play hard and get to the point where they just have to finish off the point, and they make a mistake [doing so]. We need to practice more on the finishing points. That was pretty obvious today."

Below are the individual scores from the matches. Each contested matchup was made up of one set in which the player or pair who won eight games first was the winner. In the event of an 8-8 tie, the 17th game was the first player or pair to win seven points.

1st Singles- Kaitlyn wins 8-1
2nd Singles- Hanna loses 1-8
3rd Singles- Kiara loses 0-8
1st Doubles- Raven and Jenny lose 8-9 (5-7 on tiebreaker)
2nd Doubles- JaeEun and Sophie lose 2-8

1st Singles- Kitt loses 3-8
2nd Singles- Kaito loses 4-8
3rd Singles- Hikaru loses 1-8
1st Doubles- Eugene and Joe win 8-1
2nd Doubles- Takumi and Shuntaro lose 6-8

The Knights' next matches will be on Wednesday, October 10. The girls will host Seisen and the boys will play at St. Mary's.

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