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Wrestling completes third day of Far East Tournament

CAJ's wrestling team also finished its season on Saturday, wrapping up Far East with a dual meet matchup against Zama. 

The Knights lost 26-9, but they won two of their three contested matches against the Trojans. Jordan (115 pounds) pinned his opponent, Joe (108) outlasted his opponent by points (18-8) and Tai (122) held steady for a while but eventually was pinned.

All three wrestlers who went to the tournament were able to offer some perspective either on their Far East performance or their goals for the future. 

"I was pretty satisfied to come in third place [in the individual championships], but the last match with Zama I felt I could have done a lot better," Joe said. "I should've been able to keep him from scoring any points against me."

Jordan only lost one match during Far East (a 10-8 loss in the individual semifinals match against his St. Mary's rival). But he still thought that match was his best performance.

"We both wrestled really well in that match, and it went the full six minutes," Jordan said. "Even though it was disappointing, I felt like I really worked for that one. The other matches were tough, but they weren't as tough as the match against Harold."

Tai is eager to continue the tremendous improvement he showed in the tournament.

"I really need to work on my penetration step, which is when I'm shooting in for a leg attack," Tai said. "Usually, when I shoot in, I mostly just fall on my knee instead of shooting my leg forward. I'm doing OK with it during practices, but I need to work on doing it in matches as well."

Coach Morris Yaegashi also offered some final thoughts on the season: "We struggled with numbers, so if we can get as many people as possible to come out next year, that would help us a lot."
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