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HS and MS track and field teams compete at Yokota in biggest meet of season

CAJ's high school and middle school track and field teams had another meet at Yokota on Saturday. It was the biggest meet of the year for the Knights, and the strong competition pushed many CAJ athletes to strong performances.

The high school athletes were able to achieve a total of 15 personal records, which is down a bit from most previous meets. However, many of the performances were either season bests or very close to personal records. CAJ had numerous high finishes, despite the high number of athletes at the meet. These were CAJ's individuals and relay teams that placed near the top in the high school division (Far East qualifying marks are denoted with an asterisk):

Josiah- 3rd in 100 meters (11.58), 3rd in 200 meters (23.78)
Leo- 8th in 200 meters (25.03)
Mariko- 8th in 800 meters (2:42.10)
Tokiwa- 7th in 110 meter hurdles (19.83)
Jamie- 7th in 300 meter hurdles (45.54)
Megumi (12th grade)- 4th in 300 meter hurdles (51.98*), 1st in long jump (4.49 meters)
Annabelle- 8th in shot put (7.33 meters), 8th in discus (20.89 meters), 2nd in high jump (1.45 meters*)
Leif- 2nd in discus (33.25 meters)
Richard- 7th in high jump (1.55 meters), 8th in long jump (5.26 meters)
Boys' 4x100 meter relay team (Leo, Josiah, Asher, Innsung)- 3rd (46.86)
Girls' 4x100 meter relay team (Mariko, Mina, Megumi (12th grade), Krista- 2nd (56.19)
Boys' 4x400 meter relay team (Leo, Josiah, Douglas, Dominic)- 2nd (3:46.38*)
Girls' 4x400 meter relay team (Mariko, Megumi (12th grade), Krista, Mina)- 2nd (4:36.77*)

The middle school team also continued to show lots of potential, with 30 more personal record performances. Here are some of those top performances from Saturday:

John- 2nd in 100 meters (12.58), 7th in 400 meters (60.94), 1st in long jump (5.34 meters)
Sunwoo- 8th in 100 meters (12.86), 2nd in 200 meters (26.30)
Kiera- 1st in 800 meters (2:37.27), 1st in 1600 meters (5:52.19), 3rd in 300 meter hurdles (52.75)
Xavier- 8th in 100 meter hurdles (20.41)
Joel- 1st in shot put (11.26 meters), 1st in discus (38.47 meters), 6th in long jump (4.52 meters)
Joe- 4th in shot put (8.98 meters), 7th in discus (23.93 meters)
Jamie- 6th in discus (24.12 meters)
Sion- 5th in long jump (3.70 meters)

Full results from the meet are available here.

The next meet for the high school team will be on Wednesday at Yokota. Both the middle and high school teams will again compete at Yokota next Saturday.

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