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MS volleyball earns one win and two losses against ISSH

The middle school volleyball teams played at ISSH on Saturday morning. The Knights came away with one win (C Team) and two losses (A Team and B Team).

A Team lost 2-1 (23-25, 25-21, 4-15). Coach Erika Mine gave the following comments on the game:

"A Team was challenged by the opponents' strong serves, which left them to lose the first set. However, the second set consisted of good rallies and SooMin's 10 consecutive serves that set them up for a good win. Unfortunately, the opponent took on the momentum for the last short set. Tryphena, our starting server, also had 100 percent serves."

B Team had some major positives in the 2-1 loss (19-25, 25-17, 13-15), according to coach Marian Mine.

"B Team was the louder team on the court, calling the ball and encouraging one another," Marian said. "With some strong servers on the opposing team, the first set had its challenges in receiving. However, that did not keep them from calling the ball even louder and winning the next set, which consisted of some very consistent serves from the team, especially Rion and Selin. The last set was very close with some good rallies, but the team ended two points short of winning."

C Team coach Annabelle Deakin pointed out her team's ability to gain confidence throughout its 2-1 win (25-19, 25-21).

"The C Team played really well against ISSH today!" Deakin said. "Before the game, the girls were talking about how nervous they were, but once the game began, they started to have more fun. Sophia led the team with strong serves, and Hanna was the loudest voice on the court, telling her teammates to 'shake it off!' after every missed point. I am seeing so much improvement already and I can't wait to see what these girls can accomplish throughout the rest of the season!"

All three teams will play again at both YIS and St. Maur next Saturday.

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