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JV boys' basketball loses 57-27 to St. Mary's

The JV boys' basketball team had a more difficult time than the varsity against its rivals from St. Mary's on Wednesday. The Titans sprinted out to a big lead very quickly and ended up beating the Knights 57-27.

CAJ had a difficult time against the press that the Titans' starters put on in the first quarter. St. Mary's played active defense against the Knights both before and after the half-court line.

"We had a hard time staying out of the traps," coach Steve Hall said. "Even when we did beat the press, they extended their man-to-man [defense] pretty far out. We were running our offense so far away that we couldn’t get anything going close to the basket."

The Knights able to make small runs when the Titans put their reserves in the game, which was a good sign for CAJ's inexperienced team. Zion and Dongha finished with eight and seven points, respectively.

CAJ's JV now has a league record of 1-7. Like the varsity, it will play tonight at Yokota.
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