in Japan
Make an appointment with the academic counselor if you would like to discuss your college plans.
Getting started
  • Calendar - a timeline guide for preparing for college in grades 9 though 12
  • College search engines - to find your best fit, search by major, location, cost, etc.
  • Colleges' web sites - a list of colleges that have sent CAJ their information or have accepted our students in the past
  • College Bound - Keeps you up to date with application news.
Please log in to your Naviance account to request letters of recommendation and transcripts. Please e-mail Dr. McGlothlin with questions. Before requesting an academic reference please be sure to fill out your personal resume and give this form to the person(s) writing your recommendations.
College internet resources
  • - college search and general info, SAT and AP test info and preparation. (USA and Canada)
  • College Confidential - college-bound community on the web to "demystify many aspects of the college admissions process"
  • Christian Connector - a "one-stop-shop" for receiving free information from Christian colleges
  • Campus Tours - can't go and visit colleges? Check out these virtual tours.
  • Community College Review - learn about community colleges (2 year colleges) in the United States
  • SI-UK Education Council - UK university information and free counseling for international students
  • Study in Britain and Ireland - a directory of study abroad and full degree programmes in the UK, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  • UCAS - UK university information and centralized online application system
  • Sehan Academy - information about effective ways for "international" Koreans to apply to some of the major universities, such as Handong Global University, Yonsei University, Seoul National University and Korea University
  • Universities in Japan - A search engine that helps you find Japanese Universities with English-based degree programs
International student resources
College/university fairs in the Tokyo area
Financial aid and scholarship search websites
Selective Service System
All 18-year-old male citizens of the U.S. should register with Selective Service. You will not be eligible to receive federal financial aid if you have not registered.
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