Elementary Communication

As a CAJ elementary student...[edit]

I know that God is the author of all truth![edit]

  • I understand that chapel happens twice a month on Thursdays and is a time to worship God by singing nicely and listening attentively to messages.
  • I understand that I need to do my own work and not copy others’ work, including writing that I find on the internet.

I am made in God’s image![edit]

  • God has made me and each person special and I should use my words to encourage others.
  • I need to respond appropriately when adults speak to me.
  • I understand that school is a place to learn and I need to wear clothes that won’t distract me or others.
  • I should talk with my parents about what my teachers and I post on Seesaw.
  • I understand that if I have a problem with other people I can talk to my teacher or the guidance counselor and ask for help.
  • I understand that I need to be safe, kind, and gentle when I am on the playground, and always pick up my trash and belongings when I leave.
  • I understand that I am representing CAJ and God on my way to and from school and need to behave appropriately on the train, bus or street.
  • I understand that I am a representative of CAJ when my class is off campus and must behave appropriately.

God has made me for community![edit]

  • During the school day:
    • I understand that if I am ill, I need to stay home so I don’t get my friends ill.
    • I understand that I need to use the entrance/exit by my classroom unless the teacher directs me to a different door or I am late and need to check in at the office.
    • I understand that if I have a problem with school work I should ask my teacher for help.
    • I understand that, if I lose something, I can check in the Lost and Found areas in the library, gym, and cafeteria.
    • I understand that I can’t use my cellphone during the school day unless my teacher gives me permission. I can use my cell phone before or after school to call my parents or other adults(that my parents have approved).
    • I understand that I can eat food in my classroom when we have special events and in the designated eating areas at recess. I understand that I should not eat food in the hallways or when I am walking around the playground.
    • I understand that technology, iPads, computers, etc are to help me learn. I need to be a responsible digital citizen.
    • I understand that I need to be a responsible caretaker of my classroom and school.
    • I understand that I cannot bring real or realistic weapons, fireworks or dangerous items on campus.
  • Before and after school:
    • I understand that I can play on the playground from 8:00-8:25 in the morning and 3:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon because a teacher is watching.
    • I understand that I can read or study in the library until 4:25.
    • I understand that I can only play on the play structures after 4:00 if my mom or dad is standing near and watching me.
    • I understand that there are some after-school activities offered to elementary students (depending on the year: newspaper club, choir, art club, homework club, etc.) and I can participate in them if I am interested.
    • I understand that if I come to evening activities at CAJ (sports games, plays, concerts, talent shows, etc.) I have to sit with my parents or a responsible adult.
    • I understand that when I ride my bicycle, I need to wear a helmet and follow all Japanese laws. Also, my bicycle needs to have a CAJ sticker on it.

English communication[edit]

Communication should be in English when students communicate with teachers and when teachers communicate with students and/or parents.

Our desire is for students to learn and communicate in English. Research has shown that people become multilingual, when heart language and English are developed at the same time but not necessarily the same rate. We require English be used in our classrooms.


Parent-teacher conferences in November
  • Students are not expected to participate in the conference
  • Parents are asked to sign up
  • Parents are expected to regularly view their child’s online portfolio through Seesaw.

Parent-teacher conferences in April
  • Last week of April, Monday to Thursday from 3:00 pm
  • Parents will be invited to sign up
  • Conferences will be 10-15 between parents and teachers

Emergency - School closures[edit]

In an emergency we communicate mainly through our website.

Report cards[edit]

  • Are sent via email twice a year in January and June

Over the course of elementary school students are developing into independent learners. Our utmost concern is that they are meeting the grade level expectations. At the same time we encourage students to go beyond and to expand their understanding and skills in various creative ways. Student work that demonstrates achievement that is over and above what we expect will be noted by teachers in the comments of the report card.

  • We will use a grading scale of the numbers 4, 3, 2, 1 to assess student achievement in subject areas:
    • 4: Meets grade level expectations
    • 3: Approaching grade level expectations
    • 2: Only with teacher guidance, approaching grade level expectations
    • 1: Below grade level expectations, area of concern

Online behaviors[edit]


Students who have a CAJ email are expected to check it daily.

School communication[edit]

  • Families should read the bulletin daily
  • Teachers will send out weekly newsletters to parents
  • The principal will send out periodic newsletters to parents

Standardized Tests[edit]