Grading (MS Standards)

CAJ's middle school uses standards based reporting system.

Our purpose for grading and reporting in the Middle School is: to communicate a summary of student achievement of learning standards, both academic and behavioral. In order to do this well, we will be using a standards-based reporting system, which separates achievement and behavior. Achievement and behavior standards will be listed separately and reported in each subject. Each subject will list the standards being covered over the semester.

With each assessment, there will be descriptors, giving information about your child’s level of understanding:

  • Beginning – I demonstrate little understanding of the standard. Even with assistance, I am not able to apply it.
  • Progressing – I have a basic understanding of this standard, but it still needs significant assistance in fully applying it.
  • Approaching Standard – I am close meeting this standard, but still need assistance in applying it.
  • Meets Standard – I can demonstrate a strong understanding of this standards and can apply it independently.

The four behavior standards are:

  • Is prepared for class
  • Contributes positively to the class environment
  • Works effectively with others
  • Demonstrates responsibility for own learning