Saturday School

*Students who are habitually tardy are required to attend Saturday school, a time of quiet study in the library beginning at 8:30am.

    • Middle school students who earn 15 (for 6th graders) or 10 (for 7th and 8th graders) unexcused tardies in a semester will be required to attend.
    • High school students who earn 10 unexcused tardies in a semester will be required to attend.
  • Students pay ¥1,000 per hour to attend and must attend for two hours.
    • Students who are tardy to Saturday school must serve double the time they are late in Saturday school (15 minutes = 30 minutes' Saturday school)
  • Saturday school takes place on selected Saturdays throughout the year.
  • Students who have a pre-approved excused absence from Saturday school will be scheduled for the next Saturday school.
  • Official school events (sports, music, etc.) that occur at the same time as Saturday school are automatically excused absences.
  • In some situations Saturday school may be assigned by a divisional principal for disciplinary matters. Teachers should not assign Saturday School without consulting the divisional principal.

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