2011, May 24 Board of Directors Minutes

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  1. Eline de Boo (GZB for CRJM)
  2. Misook Gho (CRJM)
  3. Pauline Carlson (chair) (ECC)
  4. Ellen Haworth (ECC)
  5. Donn Townsend (OMS)
  6. Haunani Whittet (OMF for OMS)
  7. Steven Tarter (SEND)
  8. Jon Winter (SEND)
  9. Aileen Selander (TEAM)
  10. Tim Johnson (TEAM)
  11. Gaius Berg (independent) (WorldVenture)
  12. John Houlette (WorldVenture)
  13. John Sakurai (Supervisor-Auditors)
  14. Taizo Morimoto (Supervisor-Auditors)
  15. Brian Vander Haak (headmaster)


SY 10-11:XXX Call to Order

The meeting was called to order.

SY 10-11:XXX Devotions

XX led the board in devotions about XX.

SY 10-11:1XX Prayer Time for the School

SY 10-11:XXX Proxies

XX gave his proxy to XX, andXX gave his proxy to XX.

SY 10-11:XXX Approval of Agenda

SY 10-11:XXX Signers of the Minutes

MSC for XX and XX to be signers of today’s minutes, in addition to Pauline Carlson (board chair) and Steven Tarter (board secretary).

SY 10-11:XXX Headmaster's Report

SY 10-11:XXX Approval of Consent Agenda

MSC to approve the following consent agenda items:

SY 10-11: XXX Follow-up on Gender Inclusive Language in the Constitution (Cf. 10-11:108)

The Policy Review Committee, tasked with exploring using gender-inclusive language in the constitution, recommends that this discussion be delayed, due to the fact that our legal status was not changed, resulting in this part of the constitution remaining unchangeable.

SY 10-11:XXX First Reading - B2.10.9

The Policy Review Committee recommended the deletion of B2.10.9: Allow fund-raising to become a low priority with regard to the headmaster job requirements.

MSC to approve as first reading.

SY 10-11:XXX First Reading - B2.10.12

The Policy Review Committee recommended:

  • Current: Fail to establish an annual fund-raising program that meets clearly articulated board-approved goals.
  • Proposed: Fail to annually assess fund-raising needs and present any needed plan to the board for approval. Such plans shall include clearly articulated goals.

MSC to approve as first reading.

SY 10-11:XXX Review of Board Process

The Board reviewed its process and was XXX.

SY 10-11:XXX Closing Prayer

XX closed in prayer.

SY 10-11:XXX Adjournment

MSC to adjourn the meeting at X:XX p.m.


Steven Tarter
Board Secretary

Pauline Carlson
Board Chair

Board Member

Board Member