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Join in[edit]

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We want to more effectively equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ. If you are a CAJ student, parent, or staff member, we invite you to help us by praying, talking with others, giving feedback, giving donations, and learning more.



Talk with others[edit]

Give feedback[edit]

  • Please use our feedback form to share with us what we do well and/or how we can improve.
  • Parents and students, you can also give your feedback through annual surveys.

Give donations[edit]

Donations help us carry out our mission. Please give a donation to our current campaign, endowment and tuition assistance funds, and/or staff support.

Volunteer with PTA[edit]

Throughout the academic year, the PTA hosts a variety of events and activities. PTA relies on volunteers in various ways: listening to students recite Scripture, baking, setting up and serving food, praying, etc. Please consider volunteering.

Learn more[edit]