High School Communication

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We believe that communication is a vital part of our school and our life together at CAJ. We communicate in various ways to show student progress, what’s happening at school, and new and important information that you need to know. You as the student are expected to check your CAJ email and read the daily announcements at least once a day.

Information on tools we use to communicate such as Google Classroom and Markboard can be found in the Academic Expectations part of our handbook.

English communication[edit]

English should be used as the primary language in students communicating with their teachers and when teachers communicate with students and/or parents.

Our desire is for students to learn and communicate in English. Research has shown that people become multilingual, when heart language and English are developed at the same time but not necessarily the same rate. We require English be used in our classrooms.


In an emergency we communicate mainly through our website. Please check our website first for any announcements, then check your email.

Online and Digital Behaviors[edit]

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences[edit]

CAJ schedules Student-Parent-Teacher conferences in November. Conference appointments are made via the CAJ Web site CAJ prefers to have parents and teachers speaking about students when students are present. Students are also encouraged to contact teachers if they need or want help or clarifications throughout the year.

Student-led Conferences[edit]

CAJ schedules student-led conferences for middle and high school in February. These conferences involve significant preparation on the part of students and teachers before they take place. Students go through a goal setting process and collect portfolios of their work. CAJ also values these conferences as a time when students can demonstrate gratitude toward their parents for sacrifices made so the students can attend CAJ.