MS School Communication

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English communication[edit]

Communication should be in English when students communicate with teachers and when teachers communicate with students and/or parents.

Our desire is for students to learn and communicate in English. Research has shown that people become multilingual, when heart language and English are developed at the same time but not necessarily the same rate. We require English be used in our classrooms.

Google Classroom[edit]

Google Classroom is a classroom web interface provided by Google for Education. This allows the teachers to interact with the students through announcements, assignments and other online interaction allowing for easier communication, distribution of work and collaboration. The use of this platform is encouraged throughout the secondary courses to create educational opportunities and online interactivity.


CAJ uses the system known as Markboard to enter and display grades. Marboard is run through a company named "". The grades entered on Markboard are posted by the teachers and are available to be seen by the teacher, students, parents and other staff members. The system is authenticated through Google and accessed through our website or through's website.

Report cards (Middle School)[edit]

CAJ sends report cards via email at the end of each marking period ending in January and June. Report cards list each subject and the standards that were evaluated for that marking period. Report cards will be emailed to families digitally. A paper copy can be requested. Middle school classes use standards based reporting (link to Standards Based Reporting in Academics)

Standardized Tests[edit]

Student communication with teachers:[edit]

  • Email: Students will learn appropriate ways to address emails to their teachers. Students should respect their teacher’s time, they should expect responses from teachers via email within 24 hours but not over the weekend. It is an expectation that students check their email at least two times a day, especially after school as sometimes there are announcements or new information shared.
  • Social Media Policies: Students should not request to follow or friend teachers. Please see the child safety policy.
  • In person: Please make arrangements with your teachers.

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences[edit]

  • CAJ schedules Student-Parent-Teacher conferences in November.
  • Conference appointments are made via the CAJ Web site.
  • CAJ prefers to have parents and teachers speaking about students when students are present.
  • Parents are encouraged to contact teachers at any time during the year.
  • Students are also encouraged to contact teachers if they need or want help or clarifications throughout the year.

Middle and High School Student-led Conferences[edit]

  • CAJ schedules student-led conferences for middle and high school in February.
  • These conferences involve significant preparation on the part of students and teachers before they take place.
  • Students go through a goal setting process and collect portfolios of their work.
  • CAJ also values these conferences as a time when students can demonstrate gratitude toward their parents for sacrifices made so the students can attend CAJ.


In case of school closures or emergency changes, students should check the website. Any major announcements will be posted there.

School communication[edit]

Students should read the bulletin daily, either through the email or by checking CAJ’s Knight’s Portal.