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Peer Tutoring
Peer tutoring is an opportunity to assist or to get assistance from your friends in schoolwork. It is a way for all students to get 1-on-1 help with a volunteer student tutor. If you are having trouble in a course, get help from your friends! If you are cruising through classes, help out your peers!
How peer tutoring works
Students sign up to get peer tutors. Students sign up to be peer tutors. Looking at their schedule availability, the LRC staff will match peer tutor volunteers with a high school student who is in need of assistance in a particular subject. They typically meet once a week either in the LRC or the library during their study hall or before/after school. You can receive help on homework assignments, review class notes and readings, discuss core concepts, and prepare for tests, exams, projects, essays, etc.
How to get a tutor
  1. Fill out the tutor request form and submit it.
  2. The LRC staff will contact you via e-mail.
How to become a tutor
  1. Fill out the tutor application form and submit it.
  2. The LRC staff will contact you via e-mail.
  • All sessions occur in the LRC or the library.
  • Show up on time. If you need to cancel the session, please let the LRC staff and your peer know well in advance.
  • For students: You cannot ask peer tutors to do your homework. You are expected to come prepared, know what you want to work on with your peer tutor and bring homework assignments.
  • For peer tutors: You are expected to complete the log sheet after each session. Please briefly summarize what was covered during the hour. Also, please note if there's any concern or difficulty regarding your student, let us know right away!
If you have any questions, please e-mail us at lrc@caj.ac.jp.
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