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Executive Committee
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The PTA executive committee
  • The committee is elected annually by a vote of the membership to lead and serve the PTA in achieving its purpose of serving the school.
  • Meetings are the first school Friday of each month.
  • Questions for any of the executive committee members may be sent to pta@caj.ac.jp, and the appropriate person will respond.
  • Committee members are nominated by the current executive committee to fill vacancies for the following school year.
Anyone interested in serving on the executive committee may make their interest known by writing to the PTA. Brief job descriptions for each position are below.
Qualifications for executive committee members
A PTA executive committe member:
  • has a current connection to CAJ (such as a parent or grandparent of a currently enrolled student, a current staff member or spouse, and a current Board member or spouse), and
  • has a desire to serve the Lord through the work of the CAJ community and is qualified for their particular job description, and
  • has a growing relationship with and personal committment to Jesus Christ and operates within Biblical principles.
Executive committee job descriptions
Executive committee members must be available for meetings on the first school Friday of each month. They are expected to work both Friday and Saturday at Thrift Shop, and as much as possible (up to 8 hours) during Thrift Shop set-up (Wednesday and Thursday). Attendance at all PTA-sponsored meetings is desired, if at all possible.
  • The president s responsible for any PTA business, activities, and information concerning PTA policies and organization, items for executive committee agenda, the PTA article in the Knight Sounds, is chair of the Program Committee, and is in communication with the head of school.
  • The vice-president assists the president as requested, leads meetings in his/her absence, oversees advertising for special events and the PTA website pages, and is a member of the Program Committee.
  • The treasurer is responsible for PTA financial records and activities.
  • The recording secretary records minutes of PTA committee meetings, sends them to committee members and the Leadership Team, keeps PTA files and records of the year's devotion and refreshment schedules. He/she is also responsible for the staff birthday cards.
  • The Thrift Shop coordinator oversees all aspects of Thrift Shop and is chairman of the Thrift Shop Committee.
  • The membership coordinator is responsible for all aspects of membership application, card production and distribution, and checks for PTA membership at Thrift Shop entry.
  • The spiritual life coordinator is responsible for coordinating the weekly PTA prayer meetings and overseeing other PTA-sponsored programs designed to specifically aid in the spiritual climate of CAJ such as Parents in Prayer, the Scripture Memory Program, class prayer bookmarks, and monthly prayer guides. He/she is also chairman of the Tithe Committee.
  • The international liaison(s) is responsible for passing on information from the PTA to the non-English speaking communities within CAJ, bringing concerns, questions and suggestions from those communities to the PTA Executive Committee and is a member of the Program Committee.
  • The publicity coordinator is responsible for advertising all PTA events. This would include Community Bulletin announcements*, staff and student bulletin announcements*, posters, invitations and whatever means are deemed most appropriate to advertise specific events. (All * items are done via the staff liaison). He/she works in conjunction with all other Executive Committee members to see that their advertising needs are being met.
  • The social events coordinator is responsible for making arrangements for refreshments at PTA sponsored functions including the graduation reception, for distributing baked goods to designated places in the CAJ neighborhood at Christmas time, and planning for Staff Appreciation Week.
  • The staff liason is the contact person between the PTA and the staff of CAJ and is appointed by the head of school to this position. He/she receives and processes project requests from the school personnel, presents approved projects to the executive committee, oversees acts of kindness, is a member of the Program Committee, submits needed items through the staff portal (which include on-campus event requests and community iCal events) and is a member of the Tithe Committee.
PTA Guiding Principles
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