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PTA Projects
The following lists of projects are either wholly or partially funded by the PTA. If you are interested in further details, please contact the PTA.
These projects are included in the budget each year.
  • additional stencils for the Ellison cutter
  • elementary summer reading program
  • graduation reception
  • eighth grade Kyoto trip
  • Matsu ad
  • Parents in Prayer
  • senior academic awards and PTA Service Award
  • senior ministry trip
  • Summer scripture memory program
  • SSS travel scholarship for Spiritual Life Emphasis Week
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • staff orei and farewell gifts
  • student ministry trips (tithe of Thrift Shop profit)
  • Thrift Shop equipment
  • TCK seminar (bi-annual); this year's funds were used for the "Joyful Parenting" seminar.
Special Projects
These projects are voted on throughout the year by the executive committee after the request has been approved by the Leadership Team.
  • trip assistance for students in robotics
  • outdoor chalkboards (flowers & bugs)
  • camera for drone
  • vertical jump measuring device
  • chip timer for cross country/track/PE
  • iPad Minis for ES
  • iPad for teacher with responsibilities in multiple rooms
  • replace tables for Thrift Shop (folding white tables)
  • supplies for staff daycare
  • document cameras with microphone and holders to work with digital projectors
  • additional award plaques
  • moveable bleachers for outdoors (soccer & field hockey)
  • 8 banners for the Christmas concert
  • 5 iPads for Japanese classes (ES) with learning program
  • Labpro (Science experiment interface)
  • strength and conditioning equipment
  • apaper cutter for Academic office (cuts 160 pages at once)
  • two video cameras
  • set of 25 heart rate monitors
  • two Mobi interactive pads and 32 CPS clickers
  • CD audio books
  • award plaques for wall of honor (portion of funds needed)
  • site license for "Inspiration" and "Kidspiration" computer software
  • kindergarten equipment
  • MS science classroom data projector
  • books in Japanese on Parenting
  • training workshop for teaching children to read
  • wrestling dummy
  • portable clock/scoreboard
  • donation towards "Lights! Action!" campaign
  • orchestral instrument project
  • piano moving fee (for duo piano concert)
  • speed stack sport pack set
  • art gallery
  • educational rug for kindergarten room
  • flags for graduation
  • half-size cello
  • athletic department data projector
  • games for student use
  • Ellison cutter and the seven die sets
  • large format roll printer (banners and large posters)
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