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Lock-ins, overnight on-campus events

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A Lock-in is an overnight, on-campus event, usually organized by grade level Student Council representatives. CAJ student groups that wish to have on overnight on-campus activity (lock-in) must follow this procedure: Submit a proposal (on paper or via email) to the high school principal which includes:
  • The purpose of the event
  • The dates of the event: please check school i-cals for possible conflicts before submitting the proposal. Submitting multiple options for dates recommended.
  • The times of the event including what hours the lock-in, the time when students will not be allowed to come and go, are in effect
  • What group will be involved in the event (for example: class or team)
  • Who the student leaders/ students’ responsible will be
  • Who the chaperones will be – two chaperones are required for overnight events. At least one male and one female chaperone are preferred for mixed groups. At least one of the chaperones should be a CAJ staff person. Some groups may desire to have different sets of chaperones that trade off during the event.
  • Where the event will be held (specific rooms and facilities) and at what times.
  • Activities planned. Movies must be legal copies and approved by the high school principal in advance. Music must be legal and appropriate. Depending on the size and purpose of the event, music may be restricted to pre-approved music on the school iPod.

If the proposal is approved

  • Student leaders should work with the chaperone, sponsor or principal to fill out an electronic On-Campus Event request form available on the staff portal.
  • The event may be requested in order to save the date before all procedures have been completed, but all procedures must be completed before the event can take place.

Specific guidelines and rules for the event to be enforced by student leaders and adult chaperones

  • All students need to return a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian to attend. Slips are to be returned to the student leader(s) and given to the chaperones on or before the night of the event. Attendance must be taken at the beginning of and during the event and compared to the permission slips. Attendance records and permission slips should be submitted to the principal after the event.
  • Parents and the principal should be provided an emergency contact phone number and appropriate information (times, possible costs, etc.) for the event. The school field trip phone is available by reservation (see the principal or registrar).
  • No one outside the group that was given permission to attend, either student(s) or adult(s), should be at the event at any time.
  • Care must be taken that all students eligible to attend are invited and encouraged to come.
  • At least one chaperone should be awake at all times that students are awake.
  • Chaperones and student leaders should know the whereabouts of all students. Students are not allowed to disperse into unsupervised areas, especially in small groups or as couples.
  • All school rules, including those regarding dress code and public displays of affection, are in effect for the duration of the event.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning up all areas used and reporting any damage or incidents to the chaperones. Permission may be requested to eat in areas where it is not usually allowed.
  • Some areas, including the gym and Home Ec room, have specific guidelines for use. The student leaders and chaperones should know and abide by these guidelines.
  • Quiet times are to be enforced – especially for activities which might negatively impact our neighbors. Typically the gym arena is not allowed to be used after 11:00PM
  • Chaperones should follow up with the principal following the event to verify the success of the event and report any problems or rules violations.

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