Senior Comprehensives, Sample Topics

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Class of 2014[edit]

  1. Abuse in the Garment Industry
  2. Animal Cruelty in the Food Industry
  3. Antibiotic Resistance
  4. Anxiety in High School students
  5. Child Abuse in Homes and Families
  6. Corruption in Developed & Developing Countries
  7. Displaced People in Asia
  8. Divorce & Its Effect on Children
  9. Education in Cambodia: effects of the Khmer Rouge and poverty
  10. Education in South Korea
  11. Effects of Mining
  12. Euthanasia
  13. Game Addiction
  14. Global Financial Crisis
  15. Global Resource Depletion
  16. Heterosexism and Homophobia
  17. HIV/AIDS in First and Second World Countries
  18. Homelessness in Japan
  19. Influence of Media's Representation on Women's Behavior
  20. Internet Addiction
  21. Lack of Women's Education in Developing Countries
  22. Loud Music and its Effect on the Body
  23. Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries
  24. Math Anxiety and Its Effect on Learning
  25. Obesity and its Relationship with Lack of Exercise
  26. Poverty in Korea due to Education
  27. Poverty in the Philippines
  28. Private Militaries
  29. Public Education in the United States
  30. Racism in Media: Muslims in the U.S. Media
  31. Relationship Between Bullying and PTSD
  32. Sex Trafficking
  33. Sexual Objectification
  34. Social and Emotional Impact of Learning Disability
  35. Teen Drug Use
  36. Teen's Strive for Perfection
  37. Teenage Celebrity Obsession
  38. The Human Cost of Technological Advancement
  39. The Importance of Early Diagnosis in ADD/ADHD
  40. The Obesogenic Environment
  41. Water Scarcity and Its Effect on Women
  42. Worship
  43. Wrongful Convictions

Class of 2013[edit]

  1. Abortion and Disregard for Human Life
  2. America Depression in Adolescence
  3. Bulimia
  4. Bullying
  5. Challenges Faced by Children with Learning Disabilities.
  6. Child Abuse
  7. Child Labor in the Coffee and Chocolate Industries
  8. Child Marriage and Women’s Rights
  9. Child Soldiers
  10. Cognitive and Communicational Differences between Males and Females with Hope of Ameliorating the Situation of Severe Misunderstanding Between the Two Genders
  11. Depression and Suicide in Japan
  12. Destructive Cultism
  13. Disability Discrimination Specifically in Japan
  14. Discrimination Against Students with ADHD
  15. Divorce and Effects on Children
  16. Drug abuse
  17. Education in Poor and Developing Countries
  18. Education of Kids with Disabilities
  19. Education: Curing the Creativity Crisis
  20. Effects of Divorce on Children
  21. Electromagnetic Radiation of the Mobile-Phone
  22. Euthanasia
  23. Health Care Issues
  24. HIV/AIDS Discrimination in South Africa
  25. How to Face Anorexia
  26. Illiteracy and Its Effect on Poverty in the Philippines
  27. Lack of Eye Care in Developing Countries
  28. Learning Disabilities
  29. Low Self-confidence
  30. Media Addictions Leading to Hikikomori
  31. Media Effect on Teenage Body Image Leading to Eating Disorders
  32. Men's Response to Sexual Oppression/Child Sex Slavery
  33. Obesity
  34. Organ Trafficking Around the World
  35. Performance-enhancing Drug Usage
  36. Plastic Pollution in the Ocean
  37. Poverty in Third World Countries Focusing on Kenya as an Example
  38. Poverty in Indonesia
  39. Poverty in Third World Countries such as Nepal
  40. Sex-trafficking in India
  41. Sleep Problems for Youth and the Dangers of Energy Drinks
  42. Social Media Depression
  43. Teen Gangs
  44. Violence in Music
  45. Yakuza Organized Crime Group

Class of 2012[edit]

  1. Abandoned Children/Orphans
  2. ADHD and Education
  3. Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence
  4. Animal Testing
  5. Anorexia and Bulimia
  6. Antibiotic Resistance
  7. Brand Piracy
  8. Bullying
  9. Child Displacement
  10. Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry
  11. Child Obesity Epidemic
  12. Childhood Obesity and Nutrition
  13. Corporate Influence on Media Bias
  14. Disabled
  15. Divorce Effects on Children
  16. Drug Lag
  17. Earth Buried in Trash: Landfills
  18. Eating Disorder
  19. Effects of Coral Extinction on Marine Environment
  20. Emergence of Cyber Warfare
  21. Environmental Issues in the Fashion Industry
  22. Euthanasia: The Right to Die
  23. Health Issues with Tobacco
  24. Homelessness in Japan
  25. Honor Killings of Women in Muslim Societies
  26. Illegal Immigration Slavery in the USA
  27. Israel-Palestine Conflict Today
  28. Karoshi: Death of a Salaryman
  29. Living with Autism: People’s Judgmental Glance
  30. Mass Media’s Effect on Body Image
  31. Media Influence on Youth
  32. Nuclear Proliferation
  33. Obesity in Geriatrics
  34. Organized Crime: Yakuza
  35. Physical and Psychological Problems Associated with Adolescent Cosmetic Surgery
  36. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  37. PTSD in Disaster Area Children
  38. Racial Media Bias
  39. Sedentary Lifestyles
  40. Suicide in Japan
  41. The Christian Response to Homosexuality
  42. Video Game Addiction
  43. Violence and Hate Crimes against the Mentally
  44. Voluntary Prostitution
  45. White Supremacism & Racial Hate in North America
  46. Women’s Rights in the Middle East

Class of 2011[edit]

  1. Abortion and the Alternatives
  2. Aids Orphans in South Afrtica
  3. Challenges of Air Pollution Due to Transportation
  4. Challenges of Hunger in Bangladesh
  5. Challenges of the Deaf
  6. Child Abuse
  7. Child Labor in Thailand
  8. Childhood Obesity in Developed Countries
  9. Children Slavery in the Ivory Coast
  10. Children Soldiers in Africa
  11. Cyberspace Addiction
  12. Discrimination Against the Romani Minority Group in Europe
  13. Disempowerment of Women through Religion
  14. Domestic Environment which Encourages Child Abuse and Possible Treatment Strategies 
  15. Dyslexia
  16. Educating Girls in the Developing World
  17. Effects of Smoking
  18. Elderly Integration into Japanese Society
  19. Ethical Issues on Criminal Justice
  20. Female Genital Mutilation
  21. Food Fraud
  22. High School Dropouts
  23. Human Trafficking in Third World Countries
  24. Lack of Safe Drinking Water in Rural Areas of Developing Countries
  25. Materialistic Consumerism and Compensated Dating
  26. Math Anxiety and its Roots in Early Education
  27. Multinational Corporations and Violation of Human Rights the Issues of Advertising
  28. Negative Stereotypes/ Labeling Against Learning Disabilities
  29. Obesity and the American Diet
  30. Performance Enhancing Drugs and Methods
  31. Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
  32. Poor Nutrition in School Aged Children in North America
  33. Post Colonization and Apartheid in South Africa
  34. Propagation of AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
  35. Sexual Molestation in Schools and Their Psychological Effect on an Individual
  36. Slavery in West Africa 
  37. Stereotypes and Its Psychological Effect on People
  38. Street Children in Romania
  39. Teacher Trouble Why Ineffective Teaching Persists in High Poverty Schools
  40. Teenage Drug Abuse
  41. The Calamity of Divorce
  42. The Connection between Depression and Suicide
  43. The Effects of Unhealthy Family Relationships on Society
  44. The Family Structure and Teenage Alcoholism
  45. Tropical Deforestation
  46. Unintended Teenage Preganancy (Protect the One You Love)
  47. Victimization of Muslim Women (Female Terrorism)