Admission Priorities


We encourage applicants from all priority groups to begin the admission process as soon as possible as some classes are likely to be full in any given year.

Priority Group 1: Children from missionary homes[edit]

Missionary admission status will be granted when the parent(s) are in agreement with the CAJ statement of faith and one of the following two conditions are met:

  • Parents hold a religious activities visa as a Christian missionary.
  • Parents submit a statement from a church or other Christian institution certifying their full-time, cross-cultural Christian service, attached to a written statement concerning their primary purpose in Japan, nature of their endeavor, and weekly time commitment to the ministry.

CAJ was built by mission organizations and missionary families in 1950. They have supported the school throughout its long history with funds and staffing in ways that directly translate to lower fees for everyone and our beautiful facility and campus. CAJ’s stated purpose is to prioritize providing education for missionary children. Once admitted, all students receive the same high quality and experience-rich Christian education.

Priority Group 2: Children from non-missionary Christian homes[edit]

Non-missionary Christian status will be granted when:

  • at least one of the primary caregivers of the child is a Christian, is in agreement with the Statement of Faith, and, with the child, regularly attends church
  • or is a middle or high school student who has made a profession of faith, is in agreement with the Statement of Faith, and submits a recommendation from the pastor of the church he/she attends regularly attends church

Priority Group 3: Children from non-Christian homes[edit]

CAJ may admit a limited number of students who are from non-Christian homes in each class, provided the parent(s) or guardian(s) agrees in writing with the child being taught Christian principles, agrees to cooperate with the Christian objectives of the school, and the student does not come from the home of a proselytizing religious group. There is more information about what it means to be at a Christian school in our Understanding a Christian-Focused, Western-Style Education brochure. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the implications of being a non-Christian family or student at CAJ during the application process.

Contact us: or 042-471-0022 and ask for a member of the admissions team (in either Japanese or English)



優先順位1: 宣教師の家庭のお子様[edit]


  • クリスチャンの宣教師として保護者(一人もしくは両親とも)が宗教ビザを保有している。
  • 教会もしくはその他のキリスト教の団体から、保護者がフルタイムで異文化の環境のもとクリスチャンの奉仕をしていることを証明する書類と、保護者の日本滞在目的、仕事の内容、1週間ミニストリーに費やす時間を書いた書類を提出してください。




  • 少なくとも保護者の一人がクリスチャンであり、CAJの”信仰的立場の表明”に同意し、そして、お子様と一緒に定期的に教会に通っている。
  • ミドルスクールかハイスクールの生徒で、既に自分自身で信仰告白をし、”信仰的立場の表明”に同意し、自分が定期的に通っている教会の牧師からの推薦状を提出できる。

優先順位 3: クリスチャンでない家庭のお子様[edit]


お問い合わせは、メールの場合は Admissions@caj.or.jpまで、お電話の場合は042-471-0022までお願いいたします。